Quite nice food I’ve had lately

I’ve had a lot of lovely meals since my last “quite nice food I’ve had lately“. To start us off — I went to Moat recently and wanted everything on the damned menu (even if it does refer to wank like “fennel pollen” and “olive dust”):

I ended up having this preserved ratatouille that came in its own little jar I got to crack open.

It was quite nice — the flavour of cloves was too dominant and I could have done with some more bread, but it was mostly awesome.

It was followed by a trio of custards. I love custard, and I love variety, so there was no way I wasn’t ordering it.

From left, the flavours were nutella, a bland pistachio and a slightly less bland coffee. There’s no excuse for bland custard. The nutella one was so bloody delicious, however, that I forgive all.

Went to Oakridge winery a good few months ago, for a hen’s day. The food was fust bloody fantastic:


I’ve been there a few times now and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

I’m slightly obsessed with paella at the moment. It’s something I can’t really make at home, partly because my partner doesn’t eat seafood and doesn’t love rice as a main course, but also, because I know you need to really make a big batch with the right sort of pan to get it really right, and I have no intention of buying a huge pan that I won’t use enough to warrant taking up the space in my cupboard.

Anyway, I’d heard that Zenith had awesome paella and got a friend to come with me (see previous comment regarding partner’s picky eating habits). We got the serve for two people, but it would have fed five.

It was absolutely delicious and I was so happy when they let us take the leftovers home in a doggy bag.

I had a business lunch at Il Tempo the other week where I indulged in another dish I’m currently obsessed with, seafood linguine:

It was also bloody delicious. Also, I loved that someone had glued a bunch of clashing colours of ric rac onto the frame of the specials board for some reason best known to themselves:

I’ve also been craving mushrooms recently (something else my partner won’t eat). We ate at The Pantry recently and their mushrooms with eggs are just delicious.

And just to finish on a more personal note, this is a chicken pie I made the other night. I combined this chicken pot pie recipe with this one and with the one from Jamie’s 30-minute meals (which are in no way 30 minutes — more about that later). Wasn’t bad.

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