Anaethetised eyeballs

Went to the optometrist tonight. After all the usual stuff, he told me he wanted to do some sort of eyeball pressure test because “you’ve never been as old as this before”.

He put two types of drops in, then produced an apparatus thingie with a big light in it and looked in my eye.

Then he told me that the drops had been anaesthetic and he’d actually been pushing on my eyeball with the thingie. He didn’t want to tell me beforehand in case I freaked out (he’s watched the muscles around my eye lock up at the very thought of a contact lens).

Spent the drive home thinking of things that I could do to my eyeballs while they were impervious to all feeling.

I tried to draw one of my visions for you:

You will hopefully be pleased to know that I didn’t insert cutlery into my eyes. Or anything else. And my eyes are back to normal now.

It put me in mind of this episode of The Simpsons, though

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