Mini ecosystems

So, we know I love a mini ecosystem. My home-made terrariums are my beloved babies (more here).

But this ecosphere takes it to a whole new level:

Spotted on Better Living Through Design - click on the pic to get to the page

It’s an enclosed ecosystem, complete with “shrimp, algae and microbes” and has a lifespan of three years, when you send it back for recycling (or just let it hang around at your place being, I imagine, manky). Still, could do with some sort of tacky plastic ornamentation. Say, a mini Elvis.

Meanwhile, this one:

Also spotted on Better Living through Design, click on the pic to go to the original post

comes in a little DIY kit, with “rocks, plants, livestock (shrimp/snails)”. Although if, as they suggest, I put it on my desk at work, I’d be likely to drink out of the glass.

Now, while cool, it’s still all a bit tasteful. It may or may not deserve to end up on

Now, while I joke that these don’t have enough dinosaur toys and mini llamas for me, the tacky side of terrariums isn’t my cup of tea either:

I hate this so much. But then, I hate all sorts of Anthropologie lighting products.

UPDATE: This has just been drawn to my attention:

From Quill and Fox on etsy, click on the link to see the listing

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One Response to Mini ecosystems

  1. Christine Morton says:

    Dear sir my shrimp eco sphere will be 17 years old on December 20. I shrimp left but still alive. It was a Christmas gift from Nature Company Charlotte NC. Store is closed now it was at South Park Mall. So it goes to show anything can live, with right conditions. Thank You his name is Sam.

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