Repotting straggly little sad plants

I abandoned the garden six months ago, as I thought we’d start renovating soon. It didn’t happen.

Finally, I couldn’t neglect it any more and so I set myself some gardening tasks while I was off work for the sumer break. Most of them were boring; prune, weed, mulch. The last thing I had to do was identify which plants were really struggling in their pots, and figure out what to do about it.

Here they are, the poor straggly messes:

Two of the three rosemaries (it used to be four, but one died; that’s how much it was struggling) including the Blue Lagoon; two of the strawberries; four mints; and a miniature canna lily.

Most of these plants were just not growing or doing well, for whatever reason — maybe the soil they were in was too tired — but some had really outgrown their pots. For instance:

This is the first strawberry I ever bought, an alpine one. Strawberries are supposed to be really happy in pots and so it never occurred to me that the poor thing might be miserable 😦

The mints were no better. For instance, here’s the lemon balm:

Which, as you can see, grew a little soul-patch-thing that’s the roots trying to get out of the hole in the bottom of the pot. Unfortunately for it, that pot had a saucer.

But the lemon mint was the worst. It was nearly dead, it was so root-bound; it was going to strangle itself pretty soon:

Again, I didn’t think to check the mints, as they’re supposed to be happy in pots; and also, mint will just expand and expand and expand, so you’re best off keeping it cramped. Just not this cramped 😦

Anyway, here are the new pots, where hopefully the plants will be much happier.

I hope they forgive me 😦

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