The drummer from The Jezabels is a genius

Been listening to The Jezabels a lot. Have decided that their drummer is a genius.

I mean seriously. Listen to this, and tell me he isn’t.

See? Not a whiff of “drumming by numbers” there. And the other parts, including the vocals, are all really creative too. I get so bored of the same old stuff; it makes me so happy to listen to something that’s not yawningly predictable.


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4 Responses to The drummer from The Jezabels is a genius

  1. Jerry says:

    Exactly right! His drumming caught my attention the first time i heard ‘a little piece’, and I have enjoyed the band ever since. Im surprised he hasnt gotten more recognition for his playing. The little parts and fills he comes up with compliments the songs and the jezabels sound perfectly. As a drummer myself I really admire his originality and creativity on the kit.

  2. Totally! I read an interview with him in a magazine after I wrote this post (it might have been Beat?) where he was talking about his drumming and how he had been in a technical metal band where that sort of thing’s apparently the norm. I may have to investigate.

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