Quite nice food I’ve had lately

I want to eat everything at Cooper & Milla’s in Armadale.

Everything I have eaten there so far is fantastic. This is a
small sample:

Delicious meatballs with greenbeans and the most fantastic sourdough multigrain EVER (my friends had various salads, as you can see, and they were all delicious too)

A tuna patty with avocado salsa plus their delicious broccoli and snow pea salad (my friend’s having some sort of fritter with a fetta and beatroot salad, in case you can’t see)

Monster macaron!

OK, so I’ve been there a few times. I was in the area! And then I happened to be in the area of the Hawksburn village one too — but that one has a smaller selection, and much less seating, as it would have to be at least half the size if the other store.

Not that the Armadale store’s huge; in fact, the size is actually the main criticism I’d have of it. It’s also a little pricey, but it’s very good.

In other delicious news, a few weeks ago, I went to Speakeasy on Chapel Street. The layout’s trendy, the food’s French-ish and my charcuterie platter was awesome:

My friend’s burger was good too.

Then, the other day, a client took a few of us out for an end-of-year lunch at Scusi Mi. Oh, bliss…

I started with the prawn linguini, as you can see above, and then had veal with mushroom sauce — which wasn’t that attractive, so I didn’t photograph it, but which was bloody delicious nonetheless, and then I finished with panna cotta:

Panna cotta’s one of those things that I rarely order, because sometimes it can just be completely crap — usually too much gelatin and not enough flavour. Once it was watery, of all things. But I thought that I would risk it on this occasion, given how good I know the food is — and I was rewarded for my gamble with a little bit of dairy heaven 🙂

Everyone else’s desserts looked fantastic too. This was the limoncello sorbet:

And this was the tiramisu:

Tiramisu’s another one of those things I rarely order, but for the different reason that my mum’s is so frigging awesome that nothing else can compete. The closest I’ve come is in actual Italy, but there, I didn’t get to eat a huge bowlful and take home seconds to have for breakfast, so mum’s is still better.

Just to jump from the elaborate and expensive to the cheap and cheerful, I present Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe.

A colleague and I were out and about, and I insisted that we eat here. Because of all the octopuses, mostly.

I had a sushi roll and some miso, and my companion had some sort of Japanese curry, and everything was good.

Oh, and they don’t use MSG, which is great.

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