Garden world: huge range, ages from anywhere

A guy I know was involved in a display of rare plants at Garden World a few weeks ago, so I headed out there to have a look.

It’s a long way from everywhere (not, I suppose, if you live in Braeside, but I don’t), but I also wanted to see if they had some terrarium “ingredients” I was having trouble finding: I wanted some activated charcoal, having decided it would work better than rocks for drainage, but hadn’t been able to find any; and I was keen to try out some air plants, which I also couldn’t find.

They had both, as you may have already seen in my last terrarium post (as well as tiny dinosaur toys to go in there, woo!) but they had heaps of other cool stuff, such as hydroponics and aquaponics and a fantastic bonsai garden, with all sorts of different sizes and types:

I confess I eyed off a Japanese maple quite a lot.

They also had a cool dessert garden:

And air plants!!!

Air plants! Air plants!

Which all made the trek out to the middle of nowhere mostly worth it. But maybe not as much as seeing stuff like this:

Because you can mount air plants to just about anything. So they did. Oh dear…

They didn’t have as large a variety of rare edible plants as I would have liked — not like the Lilydale Herb Farm, say — but all up, it was a pleasant enough afternoon 🙂

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