Summer reading

Going to try and make a dent in these over my break from work. Wish me luck.

From left:

The Lawn: A Social History (this sounds boring, but I promise it isn’t)

Brilliant Women: 18th Century Bluestockings (already most of the way through this; but it still counts)

Housewife Superstar: The Very Best of Marjorie Bligh (I wouldn’t have looked at this twice — I’d certainly never heard of her — except that Pip mentioned the book on the Meet Me At Mike’s blog and I wanted to know more)

The Elements of F**ing Style (I more or less finished this within a few days of buying it. I just couldn’t be bothered reading the last page or so. I forget why. It will take me all of five minutes to finish; but it still counts)

The Old Kingdom Chronicles (this one’s from the local library, so I’d better finish the damned thing — I refuse to give it back unread)

American Gods (a friend lent me this the other day, insisting that I read it. Again, I’d better finish this one, or I’ll be embarrassed to have kept it for so long)

The House of Silk (again, I’ve started this one already)

An Oxford Dictionary — won’t be reading that in full. But surely it’s normal to keep a dictionary by the bed? Isn’t it?

The Year of the Flood (I’d read Oryx and Crake on the recommendation of a friend who has similar taste in books. She bought me this, which is a pseudo-sequel, for my birthday)

Best New Zombie Tales: Vol 2 (I bought this at a literary event where one of the contributors, Narelle Harris, was speaking. I don’t tend to really enjoy short stories, but I’ve read very little zombie fiction — probably since very little zombie fiction exists, comparing it to, say, vampire fiction — so I thought I’d give it a crack)

The History Wars (I have been meaning to read this for years but somehow never managed it. I hope it’s dated well — but I do think we’re still living with most of the issues that it discusses)

Silver Birch, Blood Moon (I got this for $5 at a local op shop. I’m already half-way through it. Again, short stories, but this time, several really great authors were included, and I’ve really enjoyed the stories I’ve read so far)

The Great Feminist Denial (Signed! And already half-read)

Nice Girls Don’t Get It (I bought this one lunchtime when I was cross at work. I don’t usually buy self-help books, but in this case, I was especially infuriated by the gender politics I was coming across, and cookie-cutter generalised advice seemed better than seething hatred)

Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism


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