String garden steals the show at the Melbourne Design Market again

Went to the Melbourne Design Market today. Last time it was on, I mentioned that the kokedama string garden stole the show. It happened again:

Click on the pics for a bigger look

I don’t think the market was as good this time around as it usually is. The only other thing I was struck by was this porcelain stuff from The Mod Collective:

Actually, I went to a few markets this weekend that I don’t think were as good as usual — Magnolia Square certainly wasn’t (but that does vary quite a bit, it’s often quite boring), and the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar at the Swedish church in Toorak wasn’t as good as last year either. I would worry that it was just me, given I was unimpressed with so many of them, but the people I went with completely agreed with me.

At least the Bazaar had ornamental chickens, which, as I have mentioned before, I am obsessed with:


And they do have nice gates in Toorak:

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