DIY ginger beer and home-smoking envy

Busy doing a billion things just now, including making MANY sausages (lamb and fresh mint this weekend), making a tiny Ming the Merciless costume for a friend’s baby, and finally getting some work done on my novel.

Since Christmas is coming, there’s also some themed bunting and ornaments in the works, and I’m planning to visit just about every pre-Christmas market Melbourne has (and we have a LOT — a Scandinavian one, a German-style one at Maling Road, heaps of design ones like the Melbourne Design Market (which I love) and Craft Hatch. There’s a German one too, in the city, but it’s really daggy and, at least from what I saw, appears to be mostly run (and visited) by octogenarians — I tried to find a website for it but couldn’t, that’s how on-the-pulse they are.

I basically have my hands full until Christmas — and, apologies in advance, but don’t expect much blogging — yet when people send you links to ginger beer recipes and info on DIY home-smoking, not to mention cheese-making courses, what’s a girl to do??

UPDATE: GAH!!!!  More home smoking instructions. When will you stop tormenting me, internet? I need to write my novel and sew my bunting, you temptress from hell!!!!

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