Pork and fennel sausages

So, I’m a bit sick. Just a little. I’m not good at being sick, which I hope partly explains why, after I finally got a good night’s sleep last night and felt marginally better, instead of taking it easy, I went nuts and spent two hours in the garden, then did two loads of washing, cleaned the kitchen (which was filthy, since we’re both sick), dried out the last of my home-glaced fruit, and made a blueberry crumble cake from a recent delicious magazine:

More interestingly, I also made pork and fennel sausages, using our new mincer:

Here’s the mix:

It’s a pork fillet that I had minced five minutes earlier, plus a crushed garlic clove, two teaspoons of fennel seeds, a teaspoon or so of finely grated orange zest, about a tablespoon of freshly picked and chopped Italian Spicy Thyme plus a good grind of pepper. I didn’t add any salt, as I’m worried about my partner’s blood pressure (which is fine but, you know, I still want it to be fine in 20 years), but a little pinch would have been good. To be honest, a bit more fat than 0% would also have been good, but whatever.

Me cranking away so fast that it cannot be captured on camera

I used natural sausage casings and I’m glad I’d made sausages before, as the machine came with no instructions at all.

I was worried it would be too many fennel seeds but it was just nice.

Incidentally, I found out this evening that today was World Vegan Day. So apologies to my vegan friends out there … if I’d known, I probably would have made some terribly complicated vegetarian dish instead.

But as it was, they were quite nice. And, as a friend pointed out, pigs are vegan…

UPDATE: I know that I said here that I wasn’t interested in tracking down a hand-grinder, but that was before I chipped a tooth on a sausage with a big bit of bone in it. 

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