This weekend, I made pesto, and muffins, and marmalade, and frittata and glace fruit.

Bit tired now. I didn’t even mean to make the damned glace fruit, but I went to visit one of the only growers of citron in Melbourne, who actually grows it for a Jewish festival. Only unmarked, perfect fruit is any good for this particular festival, so I contacted her and said “hi, I’m not Jewish, and I’d love your dodgy, marked citrons if you’re not going to do anything with them.”

She said, “come on over!”

Anyway, she gave me a home-glacéd one AND a fresh one straight off the tree (it wasn’t really ripe enough but I was hardly going to say “no, no, I won’t have it actually, can I come back in a few weeks?”). She also gave me two stalks of angelica, which I’ve never seen for sale ANYWHERE.

I would only use it glacéd, so that’s what I did yesterday. First you have to boil it, and stop boiling when it goes “very green”. Unfortunately, it just got less and less green:

Which is when I started googling and discovered that you’re supposed to use the freshest, tenderest, newest shoots (she gave me big, mature ones). Ah well, I thought. I’m not stopping now!

They now need to sit in sugar for a few days, apparently; I’ll finish them during the week.

Now, I wanted the citron to make marmalade with, as I’ve had no luck finding citron marmalade for sale anywhere and I wanted it for a couple of sweets (a few people suggested I substitute lemon marmalade, so I tried, and it was NOT THE SAME. It wasn’t even NICE).

Here is the citron, all lumpy and scarred and useless for ceremonial purposes, and smelling fanTASTIC:So then, I chopped it up


I used this recipe for food processor/microwave marmalade

And nuked the chopped up citron with some water for ten minutes, then

 added sugar and cooked it for another 18 minutes. I don’t think it needed so long; it wasn’t as runny as it should have been, and the fruit seemed a bit too candied. I should have kept a better eye on it, but still, it looks GREAT, tastes GREAT and will be AWESOME when it’s time to make Italian things of deliciousness requiring citron marmalade (assuming it lasts that long)

I also made date muffins with orange syrup from my Women’s Weekly “Little Pies and Cakes” cookbook (I’d provide a link but, as with most of the AWW softcover stuff, I couldn’t find a non-dodgy one — but it’s a GREAT cookbook, trust me).

My muffins usually turn out dry and meh. This may have to do with two things:
1) I possibly overmix the batter, ignoring the entire cooking world’s insistence that you really do need to leave the mixture lumpy, with huge streaks of flour, etc, in there, and; b) I’ve only ever made muffins from dodgy internet recipes. I figured in this case, since it was a Women’s Weekly recipe, surely it would be fine? Turns out, it was:

Mmm, yum.

I also made smoked trout and asparagus mini frittatas. They’re pretty good too:Mmm….

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2 Responses to Made SO MANY THINGS

  1. Prue says:

    That marmalade looks great. I did a frittata too this weekend, bacon and pesto (i.e. green eggs and ham!) Are you growing a Citron?

  2. Haha – nice! No, I’m not growing one, although the lady did say that whenever our renovations are done and I’m doing up the garden, she’ll give me one of her young citron trees. Yay!

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