Have an eggy day

I just found out tomorrow (Friday the 14th) is world Egg Day!

The last time I felt like a soft-boiled egg, about a month ago, I realised (yet again) we have no egg cups and had to perch my egg in a shot glass.

Luckily, just last weekend, I came across these, and that should never have to happen again 🙂

Yes, the bottom one has soldiers on it, for eggs and soldiers! Geddit?!?!

In other news, I found this doing a google search for little red riding hood egg cups:

From http://scarfomatic.typepad.com/scarfomatic/2006/03/red_yarn_and_re.html

And it scared the hell out of me. That thing sneaks into your bedroom at night and eats your head. It came from someone called Scarfomatic’s blog about knitting, which is nice. I hope she still has her head.


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