Birthday high tea picnic… but at home

I’m sorry I’ve been teasing you with all the delicious things I made; I didn’t mean to be coy, I’ve just been busy — but now I shall explain.

It was my birthday!

We were supposed to have a high tea picnic, but it rained and we had to relocate to my very unprepared house. It was still fun.


(lovely cake stand from Lark)

I was cooking for days…

This is the mini hazelnut dacquoise from from Petits Fours, which was layers of chocolate mousse and hazelnut meringue. Pain in the ass, never making it again.

And yes, as you can see on the left, a friend brought BBQ shapes (he doesn’t cook).

And on their way home, one of my friends saw an echidna (and MMS’d me a pic):

Why am I in the middle of suburbia, you ask? I'll never tell

I had a nice birthday, I got lots of lovely presents, including a designer garden hand spade (who knew they even existed???) that is genuinely beautiful, the lovely Frankie calendar, some CycleStyle reflective legwarmers for when I ride my gorgeous bike, and Marieke Hardy’s new book (which is hilarious, btw):

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