Pointless designer bullshit

I have just come across this item:

It’s an “Apostrophe Orange Peeler” by Alessi. And it raises two questions.

1) Can it peel non-citrus? Because by the look of it, no it can’t, and who the fuck needs something that can only peel oranges? How many fucking oranges do YOU peel everyday?

and 2) Can it peel citrus properly, or only in decorative patterns? Because when I peel an orange, I like to actually … you know … remove the peel.

I appreciate that Alessi are very respected within the design community, but honestly. How fucking pointless. What a waste of resources; not just the money that people will spend on it, but the materials used to make it and the time the designer spent on it.

This sort of thing is why we don’t live on the moon yet. This is why I don’t have a house robot yet to clean my house and do my shopping and go get me a drink. Because companies are all making stupid shit like this that we don’t need.

People will buy this for each other for Christmas this year; it will be touted as the perfect present for the person who has everything. It will then sit in that person-with-everything’s random utensils drawer, getting in the way every time they need a whisk or corkscrew, until they finally throw it in the bin.

Damn it.

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