Not moaning

Am home from work sick. Have a virus of some kind, feel woozy and exhausted. Ache. Dizzy. Only want to eat chocolate biscuits.

But instead of whinging and moaning, here are three things I have to share with you:

1) I had a dream last night that someone had ordered a Cliff Richards kiss-o-gram at an event I was at. Then there was a whole army of Cliff Richards impersonators. They may have been clones. But I’ll never know because the alarm went off.

2) A new film will be released this year, “Hysteria“, which has the following description (no more no less) – “A romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator”. It’s star-packed and looks great but something tells me I won’t be seeing it at my local Village cinema.

Incidentally, the vibrator was one of the first “appliances” to be made electric (I read that in The Story of V, I don’t tend to make a study of the history of small appliances, in case you’re wondering) because doctors were sick of — ahem — manually bringing their “hysterical” female patients to orgasm, which was a common treatment. I think that’s sort of what the film’s about:

3) Am currently watching 80s Doctor Who (The Curse of Fenric, if you must know) on the internet instead of sensibly having the lie down I desperately need. Have just spotted the actress who plays the alien with the blood-sucking straw from that episode a few years ago, where the hospital gets put on the moon and The Doctor meets Martha Jones:

Her name’s Anne Reid, I’ve just found out.

Time for napping.

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