Quite nice food I’ve had lately

I have had lots of nice food lately. I made delicious saltimbocca, from the SBS Food Safari recipe:

And I had delicious dessert at Vivace (can’t comment on the dinner, as we didn’t
have any)

And delicious cheese

from Feast, in Hampton, which has sooooo muuuuuch cheeeeeese

And it’s not food, but it was still delicious: I had two (TWO) sugary drinks at Ernest V when we had lunch there the other day:

A crazy rhubarb and rose soda made in-house, which was delicious but full of weird rhubarb pulpy things; and a crazy Mexican tamarind-flavoured soda, which was a little crap; although the bottle was nice and came home with me to join my bottle collection:

Oh, and that’s a little cutting of a succulent a kind soul gave me. It went straight into the larger terrarium.

I have also just made something called Sue Davidson’s chocolate cake, from a book a friend lent me, 50 Fabulous Chocolate Cakes (which is full of what appear to be great recipes, but also lots of reasonably poorly shot photographs. I have been spoilt by how gorgeous most of my cook books look):

Haven’t tried it yet, but it smells great. And it was the easiest thing in the world to make; you just (and I quote) “bugger” the ingredients together and then bake it. Awesome. It’s coming with us to our friend David’s house today.

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