Blah blah not supposed to be gardening blah blah

The Little Veggie Patch Co: How to Grow Food in Small SpacesYes, yes, yes, I’m not supposed to be gardening. But someone gave me the new book by the Little Veggie Patch Co (which is lovely, btw); how can a girl not think about it? Then I had to go and visit their new nursery in St Kilda East, and buy a mint that I didn’t have already for my collection — berries and cream mint! Who knew that such a variety existed?

I’ve lost count, that may make 11 or 12 mint varieties now. And I love them ALL.

And even though I’m not supposed to be gardening, it’s heartening to know that the gardening efforts of Lisa are doing well in other places; this is a basil mint that I grew from a cutting for my workmate V. She MMS’d me this picture just the other day 🙂

Either way, I may be forced out into the garden at some point this weekend. Not
only has something that is apparently “onion aphids” completely invaded the chives (which I take personally, since chives and the rest of the onion family are supposed to REPEL pests, not get infested with them):

Evil bastards. Hate them so much

But I also need to plant these bulbs, which I was hoping to store until next winter but which naughtily sprouted in the bag I was storing them in:

Ah well. I have my first daisy of the season 🙂

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