This weekend, I:

I reached Sunday evening, wondering where the weekend went and feeling as though
I hadn’t achieved much. Then I mentally slapped myself across the face, since this
weekend, I:

* Went to pilates.

* Made a very silly video in iMovie, of the Batman theme being sung by my partner with the words “nonna nonna nonna nonna nonna” instead of “nana nana nana nana nana”. I flashed up a new photo of my nonna every time he said it. But you don’t get to see it because then you’d know what my nonna looks like and I’d have to kill you.

* Pruned the the herb garden and set up some herbs to dry in the kitchen.

* Created a third, better-sized terrarium (those small ones I made the other week were too little), with some more attractive moss I found in the back yard (that front yard stuff was too… three-dimensional):

* Made some vanilla tea (I cut up a whole vanilla pod really fine and mix it with a packet of loose leaf black tea. I let it all infuse for about a week and then it’s rather delicious).

* Went to the home show at the exhibition centre, and bought new pillows, found a place that does non-ugly glass splashbacks and got some great dukkah. I ignored the really hideous over-sized spas they always seem to have at these things, which I imagine that they can only be marketing to the swinger/orgy market.

* Did many loads of washing and too many dishes.

* Made chicken stock.

* Had a fucking delicious dinner on Lygon Street and cakes from Brunetti’s for dessert

Mmm, Cassata Siciliana…

* Did some sewing.

* Went to the fucking supermarket, which was full of fucking idiots, as usual.

* Gave my partner many back rubs.

* Remembered that I hated the 2009 Star Trek re-boot. I mean, why. Why, WHY???

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