How completely pointless

My Mac’s time machine crapped itself.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – Macs back up using what is supposed to be an awesome system that backs everything up on an external hard drive. And it is an awesome system, unless your hard drive decides to crap itself.

Now, the entire point of a back-up is that it’s a BACK-UP. It’s what you use if your primary drive craps itself. It isn’t supposed to join in the crapping-itself-fun.

Yet, there it went, refusing to even be recognised, just sort of strobing its light (“THIS ISN’T A DISCO, SONNY JIM!!!” I yelled at it. Bastard didn’t even reply).

It played funny buggers once before and I was able to fix it. This time, it wouldn’t have a bar of it and said I’d have to back everything up (ironic) as best I could (couldn’t) before erasing and reformatting.

So, I tried to do that, and what do I get????!!!!

So, I did what anyone would have done in this situation.

I bashed it with a nice hammer.

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