Mutant lemon

The lemon tree pictured above is in the front yard of a house right near my work.

I walk past it several times a week and it mocks me with its many, many lemons. Often, there are some on the ground, too, which lead me to assume that they just didn’t use their lemons.

A couple of years ago, when not a single lemon was to be had down the shops or in the gardens of my many local family members, I saw the owner pull up in their driveway, so I mustered up the courage to speak to them. The exchange went more or less as follows:

“Hi, hello, hi, um, I work just up the road and I walk past your house quite a bit. I notice that you don’t really seem to use your lemons and I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I picked a couple from your tree?”

“We eat all our lemons.”


Honestly, I didn’t mind that he basically said no. It’s his tree and they’re his lemons and he has every right to do with them whatever he pleases. But the rotting lemons on his lawn stood witness to his big, fat lie.

Anyway, that’s not why I took this photo — this is the part that got my attention the other day:

…I took this photo because it appears that one of the lemons has mutated and grown as a buddha’s finger variety – MUTANT!!!

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