Experimenting with terrariums

Saw some really gorgeous terrariums recently. Decided that I really might need some; but silly ones, nothing tasteful like this:

From http://www.paulahayes.com (Paula Hayes is an American artist who makes terrariums)

I more thought, something with a small toy in it; something like the kits you can buy on madeit:

They have a whole heap of different ones on madeit.com.au

So I thought I’d have a little experiment with some moss from the garden and one of the tiny jars I have sitting around, that used to have scented candles in them:

I picked two, one with a lid and one without. Here’s the lidless one, complete with the only small toy I could find in the house:

Click for a bigger version

I think it turned out ok. But you don’t get to see the other one, as it didn’t (it’s ugly and there’s no toy)

Now, just to see if they die. If all goes well, I’ll make some bigger ones. Hooray 🙂

In case you’re interested, all I did was go out into the garden, grab some little stones, and put them in the jar. Then I picked some moss from one of the many unwanted patches of the stuff we have, and popped that on top of the stones. Then I put a toy on top. Too easy. Expect using actual plants will take a big longer; that’s for next time. Have some stab-y bromeliads that might do.

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