Kokedama string gardens

The folks at Glasshaus nursery in Richmond stole the show at the Melbourne Design Market a few weeks ago, with their string garden:

It was hard to get a shot of the plants without people in it, because so many people were interested!

Imagine! Plants just hanging there! No ugly pots! I am so excited by this idea. Miss Moussetache has a DIY tutorial on how to begin your own Kokedama string garden here (there’s heaps of other ones online too). I did some googling and it’s apparently all the rage in the trendier parts of Europe, particular Amsterdam (maybe they go nicely in an Amsterdam-ian’s bicycle basket?). The folks at stringgardens make them with fruit trees, bulbs, carnivorous plants – have   a look, it’s extraordinary. The idea appears to be based on the Japanese bonsai off-shoot, “kokedama” (which translates as “mossball”):


The kokedama website I pinched the above photo from is great for a houseplant perve, btw, but don’t bother trying to get Google to translate it; you get stuff like “it sits nestled have a cute little maple. As long as the contrast of the maple is a beautiful bright red orangutan out of maple and bud of the green mountains. And enjoy the seasons.”

In my googling, I also found Hoa Mai, who makes kokedama art in Japan. She adds BIRDS!!!

I think when the building works are done, we may need a few of these hanging from our fruit trees… or maybe even just over our deck (whenever the bloody thing gets built). But I won’t add birds. I’d be more likely to add something like this:

Pinched from Snew’s etsy shop

Because why be tasteful when you can be funny? (I would totally own that statue right now, btw, except it’s four inches long and US$25. I’d want a version half that size for much less than that price). UPDATE: They now have kokedama for sale at Myer! UPDATE: Apparently this is one of of my most popular posts.  Please comment and tell me how you got here, or what you were looking for, and if this helped!

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