Things I shall have

I have posted before about the things I am looking forward of getting rid of when we renovate; I thought it was time I talked about some of the things I am desperately looking forward to actually having.

Chickens. That’s right. I’ve wanted them all this time, to make eggs and fertiliser, eat food scraps and bugs, aerate the soil, cuddle and put on my head; and despite us owning our own home for two and a half years, we haven’t been able to have them, because what would we do with them, when building starts?

We will start with two bantams in a cute little house, with the idea to add another two if all goes well (you have to do it in pairs, apparently, as they’re very social and also big on a pecking order; you don’t want to just introduce one at a time, or the others will bully it). A friend asked why bantams; it’s because full-sized chickens gouge gardens with their moderately powerful chickens legs. Bantams just nicely aerate.

Pinched this image from a Gardening Australia page. Hope they don't mind; but this post just needed a dash more Peter Cundall, you know?

A marvellous, productive, scented garden. And I’m talking productive. Those chickens won’t be shitting solid gold for nothing; it’ll get put to work, don’t you worry. The best part? Being able to actually plant all of the trees and herbs and bulbs and bushes I have in pots right now. Just imagine it; fruit and veggies and herbs and flowers everywhere. Beautiful.

A kitchen that is both nice and functional. Right now, we have neither. Our new kitchen should look a bit like the one above (which I found on a real estate site); it will have polished boards, and white-ish CeasarStone; except I’m having waterfall sides and I don’t want chairs on my island bench (I want drawers on both sides).

It will also have an oven and a stovetop that work; and plumbing that doesn’t look like it was made by a teenager who found some leftover bits of pipe in a dumpster; and enough room to actually have my mixmaster, rice cooker and ice cream maker in the house (right now, they are all at my mum’s place, and I go around if I want to use them. This was always tiresome but has moved past tedious to just frigging annoying).

I think this one is self-explanatory. I have always wanted a trampoline and one I shall have. If I could also have two children (something else that we have had to put off), that would also be welcome (although you can’t buy those…).

A bathroom that is easy to clean and is actually nice, with no suicide-booth shower, no cracked tiles, no water-damaged cupboards that won’t close and have weird drafts in them, no leaky taps and a door that actually shuts without threatening to never open again. The toilet will also be white, rather than blue, and it will also not leak (just from the cistern into the bowl, thank god, but still).

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