La Belle Miette

Visited La Belle Miette last week with a client/friend. Its website tells me that its name translates as “a beautiful small thing”.

So many beautiful small things… I had a Pimms and pomegranite one, and a
pistachio one:

To be honest, they were beautiful, but a bit bland. My friend had different flavours and said they were delicious.

I heard a girl ranting the other day about how she can’t stand macarons, that they’re bland and revolting and she is infuriated by people going on about them. I couldn’t fault her — sometimes they ARE bland (I suppose the French would call them “subtle”) — but I’ve had plenty of delicious ones so I refuse to give up on them altogether.

I was much more pleased by the tea:

They had a whole range of Mariage Frères tea, and I had Marco Polo, my favourite.

Despite the “subtlety” of the biscuits, it was all most satisfactory 🙂

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