Wonderful, wonderful cheese

Two lovely friends and I were going to head off to a cheese-making workshop yesterday, but it was fully booked by the time we got our butts in order. SO, instead of whining, we just made Cheese Plan Mark II: visit the Yarra Valley Dairy.

Even their “no parking” sign was nice!

We had locally smoked trout, four kinds of cheese (two goat, two cow), four types of bread (goat’s cheese goes surprisingly well with figgy fruit bread), two types of crackers, AND some sort of capsicum and tomato jam.

It was all delicious. We cleaned up out plates like good girls, and went on to dessert

I was intrigued by the random toy farm animals everywhere:

And real ones outside, too (we saw a very brief cock fight but I couldn’t get a shot):

There were surprisingly few cows visible, but now I know where to go for a Chihuahua:

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