I want all the clothes in Singing in the Rain

I want all the clothes in Singing in the Rain. They’re this wonderful early 50s take on 20s fashion (the film was released in 1952 but set in 1927). For instance:

As ever, click on the picture for a bigger version. Apologies for the quality of these images; I really did just take pictures of the TV using my phone. But you get the idea.

I want a harlequin dress!!I love the way they always have some ornament or band in their hair. I should start doing that more…I love the brooch at Debbie Reynolds’ waist here (also, that’s a little chiffon-y capelet thing around her shoulders, it sort of floated really nicely around her):Especially this one (she had a fantastic black cloak with emerald green lining too, but I couldn’t get a clear shot of it) — it’s so “Evil Queen from Snow White”-yI even want Gene Kelly’s outfit here (I’ve been looking for pants JUST LIKE THIS for riding my bike):

Now, I did lie when I said I wanted ALL the clothes from this film. While I find all of above clothing absolutely beautiful, there were a few outfits that certainly weren’t. For instance:

And this one’s just a bit too “Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot” for me:

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4 Responses to I want all the clothes in Singing in the Rain

  1. My stats tell me that a surprising number of people google “Singing in the Rain dresses” (or variation) and end up at this post. If this is you, please comment and tell me what you’re doing. Are you going to a fancy dress party? Are old musicals the latest cosplay fad? Are you a hollywood producer wanting to make a remake (that’s my favourite)?

  2. In case you’re wondering, yes, I hit “like” on my own post. It was an accident. And there’s no way to unlike…

  3. Stephanie says:

    I just saw “Singing in the Rain” for the first time this weekend when it was showing as part of a local concert in the park series. I loved all the clothing! So I thought I would google “dresses from singing in the rain” and it brought me here 🙂 The dresses in the movie are beautiful, classy and fun and I could imagine people wearing them out today. Now if I could only get my hands on some of those styles…

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