Illicit gardening

I’m not supposed to be gardening, as we know — I am supposed to be maintaining only while waiting for renovations that seem like they will NEVER START and also not starting any new pots, because I have a million already.

But how could I not go out there? I mean, the voilets are all in bloom (god knows why, since it’s the middle of winter):

And the camellia

and I even had two unexpected strawberries:

And I went to the farmer’s market and they had all these great rare plants, including several I just had to have for my collection. I know that I’ve said this before — but — they had ORANGE MINT. And I didn’t have one of those!

And a Mabel Grey pelargonium (aka a scented geranium — one of the nicest). I mean, how could I resist? And it will have purple flowers!!

Some of the leaves went yellow 😦 And next to it, you can see a lemon verbena that had been abused by the lemon pelargonium...

I’ll need to make some lovely new labels for them both! 🙂

One of my other scented geraniums, the lemon pelargonium, was taking over everything, so I decided enough was enough:

Sorry for the graininess, it was pretty dark by the time I took the post-haircut photo

I cut so much off, I felt slightly guilty…

Don't you love me, mummy? 😦

So I chopped some bits off in hopes they would make new plants

And I brought some inside to look pretty 🙂

My man told me to get it away from the electronics. You’d think he didn’t want the house to burn down…

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3 Responses to Illicit gardening

  1. Prue says:

    Orange mint??? Awesome!

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