Why do workmen hate plants?

This is Bob.

Bob is a parlour palm. He went to live on my partner’s desk at work. And the other day, Bob was attacked.

Yes. That is right. Bob was attacked and wounded by some workmen doing work on the ceiling above my partner’s workspace. They even left dirty footprints behind on the desk as evidence.

Why do workmen hate plants? We can’t have a tradie around to do a job without them ruining something green. Even garden-ing types; we had some in to take down some trees and they also destroyed a geranium in a bed nowhere near where they were working, and did this to another plant:

When we had the airconditioning installed, the blokes managed to somehow rip two big limbs off my magnolia tree (I have no picture of that because I was too busy running for the secateurs to do damage control); and they also threw rocks into, and then DROVE into my veggie patch, bashing right into a beautiful tomato plant (lucky the patch isn’t very deep, or I shudder to think what other damage the car would have done):

When the renovations start, I am insisting on the builders putting those wire fences around any trees I want unharmed; because workmen obviously have it in for plants.

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