Five things you didn’t know about Chadstone

I have a love/hate relationship with Chadstone Shopping Centre. I wrote this big long thing in an earlier draft of this post about consumerism and jerks and sore feet and then decided nobody would care. Suffice to say, sometimes I feel like I need one of these t-shirts:

I pinched this from

Anyway, here are my five things that I bet you didn’t know about Chadstone (apologies if you did):

1. It isn’t in the suburb of Chadstone. The boundaries were rezoned years ago and it’s now in Malvern East.

2. They always have French Champagne at the Little Joe store. Apparently all you have to do is ask to score a glass. I discovered this by asking one day.

3. The Fleur Wood store has AWESOME changing rooms. They’re these quirky kitsch things, each with a different theme. Seriously, have a look next time you’re there. I have never actually bought something from this store, as seem to only make clothes in colours for peaches-and-cream types (Lisa has an olive complexion. Incidentally, complexion is a weird-looking word), but I like the store design so I go in there anyway.

4. A pentecostal church meets there, in one of the Hoyts cinemas. NQR. I didn’t know this until I was googling for this post, trying to find out if Chadstone really was the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere or that was just a myth (it seems to be but I lost interest) and came across this.

5. It has two cheese rooms. TWO. Oh, yeah.

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