Bunting’s naughty sister (has rude words)

As I have mentioned before, I have a thing for bunting. My colleague V knows this well, not only because on one slow afternoon at work recently, I randomly made her some out of pictures of our clients and put them over her office door. Now they look at her every time she walks in 🙂

Anyway, one day last week, she comes into work and said that she had this fantastic idea, that I had to make bunting with rude things on it, and call it — wait for it — cunting.


And a bit rude.


So I present to you, a first glance at my first lot of cunting, which I have made for the beautiful V, who loved it.

Oh, what pretty bunting

It’s like bunting’s version of subversive cross stitch (a friend made me this for my birthday a few years ago):

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3 Responses to Bunting’s naughty sister (has rude words)

  1. rapidmoodswings says:

    Awesome Idea! Love It!!

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