Unexpected plants

I found some unexpected plants hiding in amongst the netting, when I pulled it down on the weekend. It was like a lovely surprise of secret thriving life 🙂

These are some aloe vera pups that I moved into the veggie patch to try and dissuade cats from running amok in there. They were about as big as your finger when I put them in and now they’d fill a dinner plate. I was surprised to see them because the other ten or so died (it’s a really hot spot in summer; it faces north AND it gets reflected heat from the driveway and the white fence behind it — not ideal for a succulent).

These are borage seedlings. I planted a whole bunch of seeds near the end of autumn, as one last crop before the workmen trample everything, but the heavy rain seemed to drown them all and I thought nothing grew. These were hiding under the remains of the tomato bushes I pulled out. They’ll be delicious in a G+T when they’re a bit bigger.

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