Long weekend

Had a very busy long weekend. Feeling kind of crappy, so probably should have spent more time resting (not that I didn’t spend plenty, stupid immune system still recovering from the last virus), but too late to worry about that now.

I made two kinds of cookies and cordial with lemons from my mum and limes from my lime-o-gram (it’s easy — two parts juice, one part sugar, one part water, bit of tartaric acid, bit of citric acid, bit of grated rind). Watched plenty of Doctor Who. I had another go on my bike, watched 80s movies (we ended up seeing Highlander and Labyrinth) and foraged olives from a tree overhanging onto a nearby laneway (well, I pointed and my partner picked them — the tree was a little high for me).

Our own measly crop doesn’t seem to feel the need to ripen any time soon:

Also did lots of gardening — pruned and weeded and generally tidied up, fixed up the compost, put away all the netting, cut back the stupid neighbour’s shrubs that invade and try to attack our cars, repotted a mother-in-law’s tongue that was ailing, planted some “seeds” for tiger lilies that a colleague gave me (technically they’re “bulbils”, apparently, and I know I swore I wouldn’t make any new pots, but they were already putting out roots), made a pot for my friend Prue with violets, made another for my friend V with parsley, pulled up all my straggling leftover tomato plants and picked half a cauldron full of green tomatoes for relish:

One of the tomato plants had horrid nematodes all through its roots — now I’m not sure if the soil there is safe for replanting anything. But then, it’s all going to be ruined by building works and tradesmen anyway.

Yucky nematodes

Also filled the bin with black nightshade. Mmmm, moderately poisonous.

And checked out my strawberry runners. They were ready to be cut away from the mother plants. Again, I know I promised not to start any new pots, and I should be encouraging the strawberries to make fruit, not runners, but the cheeky bastard secretly sent out a metre-long runner where I couldn’t see, and it had four beautiful little babies just ready to be loved. What’s a girl to do?

So I pinned them down into little pots a few weeks ago:

And then, yesterday, I cut the umbilical cords:

They didn’t even cry…

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2 Responses to Long weekend

  1. Prue says:

    yay gardening, yay tomatoes, yay strawberries, double yay to violets!

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