Konnyaku is truly revolting

Made a Japanese braised chicken thing today with obscure root vegetables. Was a little weird, actually.

It included something called konnyaku, which is jellied yam mixed with powdered seaweed. While more or less flavourless (except for the seaweed, which I actually can’t stand), the texture was so disgustingly rubbery, I couldn’t bear to eat it. My man refused to even taste it and I had to serve him a bowl without any in it.

Anyway, the funnest part came when I went looking for bonito flakes and found a new shop on Centre Road, where everything was $2.70 (apparently that’s quite normal in Japan — shops where everything costs one set amount). As you’ll see, I bought crazy moulds and anthoporphic kitchen sponges.

I am never using a boring kitchen sponge ever again.

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One Response to Konnyaku is truly revolting

  1. Prue says:

    love love love the kitchen stuff. I actually ate Konnyaku in noodle form a few times, it has virtually no calories and you use it like spaghetti or noodles. The texture was still too odd for me and the fishy taste remained no matter how long I soaked them or how strong the sauce I doused them in was. I think I’d rather eat spaghetti and be pudgey than try that again!

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