I love Melbourne – apartment blocks

I have a thing for nice architecture, and I just like that we have so many different types of apartment blocks in Melbourne. This sounds mildly silly until you think about how, in other cities around the world, whole swathes of the suburbs look the same. Entire suburbs look the same. Huge apartment blocks rise up, soulless level after soulless level. It’s depressing. And often, old buildings are knocked down without a thought; the reason we don’t knock down so much here is probably financial (it’s rather expensive to just knock stuff down and rebuild willy nilly in Melbourne, although it’s happening more and more now), but I’m glad so much of our housing stock is what you’d consider “old”.

Click on any of the photos for a bigger view...

Spotted these in Toorak

I was a little confused about where we where when I snapped these as we were
driving past; I think it was a yet-to-be glamorised part of Port Melbourne. There
were heaps and heaps of these blocks and I’m guessing they were part of an old
housing commission. I thought they were adorable.

“Sheffield Manor”, in Balaclava. Love the way they used to do the metal signs like that.

This one was in Armadale. I like the random “v”s (this pic’s bigger than the rest because otherwise you couldn’t see them). I think it was Lalbert Crescent (a friend lives near it) — it really has some great Art Deco features all up and down the street, although I’m guessing this block is younger than some of the interwar ones near it.

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