Melbourne slutwalk

The slutwalk was awesome. It was a little hard to hear some of the speakers, although Monica Dux was both audible and awesome. Some people brought their kids. I spotted at least one dog. There were also a few little old ladies, which warmed the cockles of my heart.

Click on any of the photos for a bigger view…

From memory, that red sign said something awesome … but my photo didn’t capture it 😦

Thomas from Beauty and the Geek was there!!!!!

One of the speakers said that women needed to reclaim the word “slut”, like the gay community had reclaimed “queer”. That’s when this guy (above) yelled out that he was a slutty queer…


The Australian Sex Worker’s Association sent a contingency…

A gentleman in drag…

That’s one angry backpack…

One attendant obviously wanted to make a statement about good old Kerri-Anne’s “strays” comment

There were all sorts of awesome looks happening, although very few of them are what you’d think of as “slutty” (it’s Melbourne; it was cold)

Quite the family day (in case you can’t see, dad’s singlet says “fuck the patriarchy”)

PS If you have no idea what this event is or what the hell I am talking about, try these sites: (which is where it started)

and Germaine Greer’s article was really interesting too:

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