Morning tea

We had the biggest morning tea at our work and raised over $100 that our office matched dollar for dollar. I made two slices from the new Women’s Weekly cookbook I bought, Little Squares and Slices (that link has a nice-looking recipe in it, for marmalade, ginger and almond slice, in case you’re wondering why I liked to a “lasoo” site rather than a more sensible one).

I made Anzac slice:

And macaroon slice:

Which looked better cut up. Yes, that is my glass of wine is in the shot — now you know what I was talking about in the previous post, about how I like to have a drink while I cook.

Now, normally, I totally trust every word in a Women’s Weekly Cookbook, but these were both waaaaaay too buttery AND the book contained a LIE in the explanatory notes:

As I learnt in my cooking class, a Japanese measuring cup is only 200ml. That is not just a few teaspoons of difference. Bad researching, AWW. I’ve just checked and they they even say so in the damned wikipedia entry for a measuring cup.

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