A frustrated longing that dares not speak its name

One of my favourite things on a cold day/evening is a snuggle under a blanky on the couch. Preferably with one of my other favourite things on the couch; my laptop. So I have had a secret yearning for a Snuggie for quite a while now. And since we’re headed for yet another freezing winter, I finally decided to get one. I don’t care if it’s bogan-y, or silly, or whatever. I LIKE TO BE COMFY AND I WANT ONE.

I started out wanting a Cookie Monster one:

But they seem to have stopped making them. No Australian sites seem to have any and the only American site I could find that did international shipping was going to charge me $25 for the item, and $31 for shipping (they only did courier, not normal post). I am not willing to spend over $50 for a novelty blanket with sleeves, so I gave up on getting a Cookie Monster one and decided to just get a plain one.

But do you think I can sodding-well find one? Everyone’s making fun of them, Andrew Daddo wears one in an AD — and yet I’ve been to all sorts of horrible cheap shops that I never shop in and couldn’t even FIND one. So I headed back to the web.

That’s when I found gizmodo’s review, saying that the blankets with sleeves made under the Snuggie brand are awful. So I feel like I dodged a bullet, except that they say I should get a Slanket, which, again, don’t seem to be available any more on any Australian websites and if I want one from an American one, I’m looking at $56 again (this time, not even for priority shipping — just normal). I think it’s a conspiracy and i say BOOOOOOOOO.

Then I go to the supermarket tonight and discover three “Sleeve blankets” (I think that’s what they were called; it was something creative like that) for sale in various horrible colours, for $13. I was hugely excited despite the horrendous colours and then, at the back of my head, a little voice said “it will be scratchy… just open it and check… think of gizmodo…” and I opened the box to touch the fabric — and it was, indeed, awful.

So, if anyone finds a nice blanket with sleeves that is genuinely snuggly (and happens to have a Sesame Street character on it) for under $50, let me know. Because I’m fit to cry about now from frustrated longing.

UPDATE: I’ve been saved!

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4 Responses to A frustrated longing that dares not speak its name

  1. aff says:

    lisa – send me your address – we have a dodge brand “snuggy” ready to come out of our closet. We got two as joke presents but Chris has comandeered one so the other one is unloved and lonley. Not sure if the material meets your standards, but chris reakons his is comphy and if you don’t like it we need never know 🙂 p.s. you could sew your own cookie monster on it out of material scraps crafty girl – now that would be something for the blogroll!

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  3. Carrie says:

    I was gonna say just make one! But the above offer looks better.

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