If I won the lotto

Still feel like death warmed up, so haven’t done or thought anything worth posting. Instead, here are some things I would have on/in the estate I will set up, if I won the lotto:

A huge in-ground trampoline

A pool so I can do laps without yucky old men hanging around (my local pool has them, at all hours for some reason — don’t these people have jobs??)

A lady’s tea room with hilarious wallpaper and a leopard-print chaise longue and a built-in bar

Loads of fruit trees (including olives)

A very pretty kitchen garden — a huge one

Bantams in a really cute henhouse (I’m having them either way, but probably not in a cute henhouse. They’re getting whatever I can bang together)

Ornamental chickens for hilarity (no one ever knows what I’m talking about so here’s a collage of pictures of them)

Click on the pic for a bigger look

Two male peacocks (my partner thinks I’m being mean and we should have some females too, to keep them company. I’m thinking about it)

A donkey (I forget why I want this)

A goat (I have fantasies of home-made cheese)

There’s more, but head’s fuzzy. Can’t remember the rest.

UPDATE: Totally forgot my writer’s studio!!! Oh, and my bees.

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3 Responses to If I won the lotto

  1. bobbykit says:

    I’ve always wanted a kitchen garden and to be a bee keeper as a hobbie. awesome list!!!

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