Sick and whingey. Need to whinge about a restaurant and tell you about… um… something I can’t remember just now, but feel too poorly.


UPDATE: 7pm. Still feel poorly. Forgot to whinge that came home early from work and tried to go to sleep but stupid neighbour had TV up so loud I could hear every word from the bedroom so had to lie on the couch instead. Not the same.

Also, hate the NAB.

Also, sad because I will never be this good a painter and therefore will never make anything this cool.

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3 Responses to POORLY

  1. Prue says:

    sending you big big hugs and soup 🙂

  2. rapidmoodswings says:

    You are hilarious! I can totally relate with pretty much everything you posted. Kinda’ scary, yet comforting to know I’m not the only one who has off days!
    Thank you for the compliment regarding my masks! I really appreciate it.

  3. Thankyou kind ladies 🙂

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