Doctor Who cookies

Don’t get too excited – I haven’t made any myself, as intricate icing isn’t something I have the patience for – but a friend’s friend posted these on her facebook wall and I had to share (from – order some if you’re in America and need novelty cookies!!)

They had daleks, and cybermen and weeping angels, and all sorts of stuff.


And, of course, more “general interest” items.

Their FAQs also made me laugh – for instance:

I ate too many cookies and I have a tummy ache. What should I do?

Sip some water and have a nap. Next time remember that, in the immortal words of a certain blue fuzzy monster, cookies are a “sometimes food.”

Do you offer cakes?

Not at this time. Cakes are such a huge undertaking for just one piece, they make me nervous. My one exception to this rule is Cthulhu. I’ve been wanting to make a Cthulhu cake for ages. If you need one let me know….

I now want to make a Cthulhu cake. And I don’t even really get Cthulhu.

UPDATE: OMG. When you do a google image search for “Cthulhu cake”, you end up with some hilarious cakes, but also with a picture of a woman wearing bacon instead of a bra, and this guy (you have to love a bloke who can crochet)

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