Lemon-y lamingtons

I always seem to be posting about making things that don’t turn out right lately. Sorry — but this post is no exception.

I was given a jar of lemon butter from Sovereign Hill at Christmas. I was very excited, as I love lemon butter, and, seeing its long shelf life (which, I do admit, made me curious, since home-made curds have to be used within a month), decided to save it for the next time I wanted to fill a cake or some lamingtons.

I had some leftover butter cake, perfect for lamington-making, so my chance came. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the butter was barely lemon-y at ALL. Nor was it particularly buttery, either — just really, really sweet. I hadn’t noticed that the first three ingredients were sugar, water and glucose syrup, with lemon juice listed way down there, at only 4%. I like my lemon curd to be mouth-puckeringly tangy, so it was a bit of a let-down. Ah, well.

I tried to find some lemon jelly mix when I hatched this plan, but never bought any — I have a feeling I couldn’t find one that wasn’t all artificial, so I decided to just kill two birds with one stone and make my own, with the gelatin that’s sitting in the back of my cupboard. But it didn’t work; the acid must stuff up the gelatin or something (hence, I assume, my difficulty in finding some all-natural lemon jelly mix). It wouldn’t set. Then I tried adding more gelatin and it set rock-hard into a beef-tasting unattractively coloured disaster. I made two lamingtons with it as best as I could (I’ll eat them when I feel brave), then threw the rest of the jelly out.

My partner saw these at this point and said that they were wrong, wrong, wrong (good thing he didn’t know they were beef flavoured). Shredded coconut had no place on a decent, self-respecting lamington, he said. So I switched to dessicated (well, I stuck the shredded coconut in the blender to make it finer).

I also ferreting in the cupboard until I could find some “normal” jelly mix. I discovered a Cottees Port Wine packet at the very back, and finished up:

Why doesn’t anything just go the way I plan, lately??

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