Cookies, squared

So, as previously mentioned, I have a thing for witty food. So when I started to see oreo-stuffed cookies all over the internet (for instance, here), I couldn’t stop thinking about them. And then when a friend visited America and said that they had been served as part of his breakfast buffet (?!!?), that was the last straw.

So, I present — cookies squared.

The website I read, weeks ago (which I can’t find now, sorry), said that you should just bake cookies as normal (well, except that they cover an oreo centre). I used a Mrs Fields chocolate-chip cookie  recipe that my family is partial to.The first ones that I made were too big. I used two cookies’ worth to cover the oreos and it was just too much (they were bigger than saucers, to give an idea):

They still turned out fine (delicious, even — and I don’t even normally like oreos):

But I was much stingier with the next tray full:

The trick is to spread a thin layer over the ENTIRE oreo – no bits poking out, or they stayed poking out, ruining the surprise. I hid those.

My partner’s brother ate one after dinner tonight, and he didn’t even notice the comedic centre until I pointed it out, when he was two thirds through 🙂

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