Purple pancake almost fail

So, some of you will remember that I had some purple corn flour left after this debacle. The company told me to try making pancakes with it. Finally, today, I did (we are trying to eat our way through the pantry, after all).

And, once again, the company was over optimistic. There was no way it was going to work like normal flour — at least, not with the recipe I was using.

I started out making the pancakes as follows:

Mix one cup of purple corn flour with one teaspoon of baking powder, one tablespoon of raw castor sugar, 25 grams melted butter, one egg yolk (save the white) and one cup of fake buttermilk (this is a cup of milk that’s had a tablespoon of lemon juice added to it and then allowed to sit for a bit. I never buy real buttermilk because we never finish it and then we have to throw it out).

Beat your saved egg white to soft peak stage, then attempt to fold in. Admit to yourself that your mixture is a runny mess, that it doesn’t look at ALL like pancake batter should by now, looking like opaque purple water and all.

Get cross. Reach for the regular flour in an attempt to save the situation. Beat in about three quarters of a cup, knowing that you are ruining all the ratios, and that beating the mixture at this point will remove all the air from the egg white. Try to comfort yourself that at least you won’t be overworking the mixture, as corn flour has no gluten. Tell yourself that if it DID have any fucking gluten, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Allow mixture to rest while you heat up the frying pan and melt a good blob of butter into it. Be surprised by how much good resting the batter has done.

Fry as normal.

Serve with the brandy butterscotch sauce that someone gave you, that’s been sitting in the pantry for over a year because you don’t generally use dessert sauces.

Admit that the pancakes taste weird, but quite nice.

UPDATE: These are disgusting reheated. Just so you know

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