Lilydale Herb Farm is like a magic store

So, I went to the Lilydale Herb Farm recently. I was like a kid in a candy store in the nursery — dozens of varieties of mints (I only have ten. ONLY TEN!) and so many scented geraniums (I only have two. TWO!) and every type of strange herb you’ve ever heard of.

The garden by the restaurant was a joy to go through, sprawling with edible greenery, including Angelica plants, which I am yet to manage to grow from seed (if you don’t know why I would want to, this explains it well):

But then the shop. The SHOP. It’s like a magic store. It’s full of things you expect someone to put in a cauldron. For instance:

False Unicorn Root. No unicorns were harmed.

Mistletoe, Motherwort and Mugwort. Awesome. They also had Mandrake root. I was so excited. I felt like Morgana le Fay deciding who to blight.

UPDATE: They’ve moved, and are the Yarra Valley Herb Farm now.

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