Eating our way through the pantry

So, with a bit of luck, and some sort of magical fairy dust, we are starting our renovations in a few months.

While this is great (and about fucking time), it does mean that I can’t plant anything new in the garden, as it will just be stomped on by builders and ruined by toxic dust.

It also means that there is a moratorium on buying homewares and on stocking the pantry. In fact, there is pressure to eat our way through the pantry, so as to have less to pack, move and cram into mum’s cupboards when we escape to her place.

So far, we have finished off four bags of pulses (one soup mix, unopened; half a bag of lentils; a third of a bag of split peas; and two thirds of a bag of yellow split peas); a jar of olives; a tin of hot chocolate mix (this is a genuine staple and will have to be replenished, but I’m counting it anyway); a jar of dukkah; several packets of cupboard curry (if you aren’t familiar, they’re these $2 sachets of curried chickpeas and veggies and the like, that you can get at Indian supermarkets. They make a cheap, easy lunch or dinner in a pinch), a jar of passata and quite a bit of pasta.

I also finished off the self-raising flour making the piggy cake and won’t be replacing it; I will be making do with plain flour and a little baking powder in the meantime. My mum swears by this anyway, as she insists that normal self-raising flour doesn’t work in her oven (I haven’t the heart to tell her that it’s her oven, not the flour — its thermostat is rubbish and it doesn’t get as hot as it’s supposed to,  plus it doesn’t maintain a consistent temperature to boot).

Since this post wasn’t very interesting, here is a video that apparently did the rounds, but which I missed completely. You may recognise this young lady as the one who yells “Oh my gosh!” in the Skrillex song currently on high rotation on Triple J. While the first bit’s pretty impressive, the rest’s pretty funny.

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