Little Piggy cake

To celebrate the re-printing of the Women’s Weekly’s Birthday Cake Book, I decided to make a random birthday cake, even though it’s no one’s birthday.

I was flicking through the book, thinking I’d maybe do the butterfly one, because it’s easy and you only need one cake, but then I came across the piggy cake and I knew what I had to do.

See, my mum made me the piggy cake for my third or fourth birthday (Miss Piggy being my favourite muppet). Nonna found out what mum had planned and had a massively huge tantrum because she has weird fetishes about food and said that mum was trying to kill her with poisonous food dyes; so mum didn’t use food dye and I had to have a completely white pig cake.

Nonna didn’t actually eat any of the cake anyway. Mum is still angry.

Well, not this time.

I forgot to buy snakes and liquorice so it doesn’t particularly look like it’s supposed to, and I don’t care. It’s pink, and it’s awesome.

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3 Responses to Little Piggy cake

  1. Lyall says:

    Great story about your Nonna 🙂

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