Women’s Weekly’s Children’s Birthday Cake Book re-released

Oh yeah, baby. That’s right. The Women’s Weekly have RE-PRINTED their 1980 Children’s Birthday Cake Book. The one that me and all my childhood friends would spend hours going through, and boasting to each other about the next one that our mums were going to make for us (or, if you’re my colleague Vanessa, you spend the hours, but your mum still never makes you one, and breaks your heart just a little bit).

I hadn’t heard a thing about the re-issue — their website is completely mum (not that I really monitor it or anything) — but I happened to walk past a newsagency that had a poster up in their window at lunchtime yesterday and immediately walked in and bought two copies (no, they weren’t both for me, the second was for a friend who I knew would be as excited as I was).

When I brought it back into the office, so many people were excited; and when I posted about it on facebook, I could practically hear the squeals through the interwebs.

They’ve re-shot the cover photo, but stuck to the original so closely, you wouldn’t notice (unless you’re me, and you go steal your mum’s copy, so as to compare every single page).

Click on any of the photos for a bigger view...

They’ve tidied up the first few pages a little — for instance:

And the four cakes that feature Disney characters have been replaced with more generic cakes (they mention in the introduction that four recipes were replaced):

But the rest of the cakes are the same and I don’t even think today’s five-year-old knows who Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck are anyway (although I assume the replacement had to do with copyright, not relevance).

Even the font was the same, which just warmed the cockles of my heart.

And I’m totally making one this weekend, to celebrate. Try and stop me.

UPDATE: I made a piggy cake 🙂

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