Word association

I have had the Ricky Martin song “She Bangs” pretty much in my head for the last three weeks. Why? I keep on having a Bangs Street, Prahran, address presented to me at work, and every single time, Ricky starts up in my head:

Word association is funny; my partner always seems to link the word “irrepressible” with monkey — watch the opening credits if you don’t know why (my partner just walked into the room just this minute, looking confused and suspicious. He finally said “are you listening to some sort of mainstream pop music? Who are you and what have you done with Lisa?”).

Speaking of association, after I’ve had She Bangs run through my head for a while, I end up with “Great Balls of Fire” in my head, because there’s a line in there (“she blows me off like it’s all the same”) that is musically similar (“too much love drives a man insane”).

If this sort of thing happens to you, please tell me in the comments. It will make me feel less loopy.

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