Quite nice food I’ve had lately

I’ve eaten quite a lot of nice food lately, and felt the need to share.

This is a Florentine white bean dish from a new cookbook I bought, Vogue’s “Food From Our Travels”. I can’t find you a link that actually works for this book, so here’s one from the stylist or something, showing how pretty the book is. And here’s my beans, which took hours and hours to make, and which were so delicious I decided I don’t care and will make again and again:

I had this linguini with chorizo in Barca, in Armadale, as part of a work lunch, a few weeks ago. Absolutely gobsmackingly delicious.

Cupcakes from Mr Nice Guy with awesome names (and adorable staff with polka dot dresses and bows in their hair):

They were yummy, ethical AND vegan (not that I’m vegan, but in case you’re interested).

And just last night, we  had dinner at the bar at Half Moon, in Brighton. I hadn’t been there in years, but I knew it had been recently done up and wanted to see how it was. We were over 15 years too young to be there (median age was about 50) but the decor was trendy and food was very nice. They also scored points with me because, even though the punctuation left a little to be desired, the pizza menu was full of cute names (which I am a sucker for):

They had a really diverse menu, not just pizza. We had to eat at the bar because the restaurant was fully booked (I’m not sure I would have wanted to eat there anyway — it wasn’t as charming as the bar parts and it was full of small children).

The food was very nice (I couldn’t help myself and ordered the Napoleon Dynamite):

Very extremely tasty, in fact. Better than the chocolate pudding, which was slightly overdone (and too eggy to serve slightly overdone).

It was still nice, mind, just not as good as the ones I make (which still taste good if they’ve been left for a minute too long):

Mm. I haven’t made those for ages, might be time to whip out the ramekins.

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